3rd Annual Canadian Geothermal Students' Days

University of Alberta, Edmonton
22–23 August 2022

is returning to an in-person format in 2022! 

Join us at the University of Alberta in Edmonton for two days of student talks, keynote speakers, industry panel, networking, and more. 

If you need to get in touch with the CGSD team, please send your emails to  cedar@ualberta.ca

Day 1  Schedule
(August 22, 2022)

Continental Breakfast

Student Session 1:
Geothermal Heat and Volcanic Systems


Student Session 2:
Rock Properties and Fluid Dynamics

Keynote 1:
Katie Huang

Industry Panel



Day 2  Schedule
(August 23, 2022)

Continental Breakfast

Student Session 3:
Computer Applications in Geothermal


Student Session 4:
Geothermal in Northern Canada

Keynote 2:
Anna Rogers

Student Awards

Networking Social

Student Presentation Schedule

Session 1: Monday Morning
1. Geothermal Energy Potential in Canada
Geragg Chourio Arocha)
2.  Geophysical Imaging of the Magma Body Beneath Mount Meager, Southwestern Canada
Cedar Hanneson)
3. Locating variations in permeability at Mount Meager using
horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratios of ambient seismic noise
Fernando Berumen-Borrego)
4. Comparative Vulnerability Analysis on Different Volcanic Eruptions
Letong Sun)
5. Using thermoelectric generators (TEGs) for electric power generation from waste heat in geothermal plants
Nader Nourdanesh)
6. Coupling of geothermal heating with bioremediation for enhanced degradation of BTEX from subsurface
Gurpreet Kaur)

Session 2: Monday Afternoon
1. Heat Transfer on Uncosolidated Porous Media
Shahab Ghasemi)
2. Effect of Petrophysical Characteristics on the Thermal Properties of Granite Samples at HPHT Conditions
Seyed Ali Madani)
3. Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Nanofluids under High Temperatures and Turbulent Flow of Suspensions
in Porous Media and Predicting New Model for Thermal Conductivity Heat Transfer under Aforementioned Situation
Seyedeh Hannaneh Ahmadi)
4. Fracture dependent permeability
Yousef Golabchi)
5. Application of Scanning Electron Microscopes and X Ray Diffraction Machines for Analyzing Core Samples
Kulsum Hussaini Syeda)

Session 3: Tuesday Morning
1. PyroCore – A User-Friendly Web Application for Drilling Data Analysis
Prathik Prasad Mandyam Rangayyan)
2. DEM simulation of bit-rock interaction and transport of drilling cuttings
Saeid Khasi)
3. Eulerian-Lagrangian Approach for Pore-Scale Simulation of Fines Migration in a Single-Phase Geothermal Process
Seyed Emad Siadatifar)
4. Digital Twin for Hard Rock Drilling
Shanti Swaroop Kandala)
5. Machine Learning Model for Downhole Vibration Prediction
Md Morshedul Isam)
6. Deep Learning in Acoustic Emission Waveforms
Arnold Yuxuan Xie)

Session 4: Tuesday Afternoon
1. Fort Nelson First Nation-Owned Tu Deh-Kah: A regional, socio-economic context analysis
Sara Chitsaz)
2. Tu Deh-Kah Geothermal Project
Evan Renaud)
3. Evaluating Geothermal Resources Next to the Denali Fault in Southwest Yukon
Fiona Chapman)
4. Assessing seismicity and geothermal potential of strike-slip faults in the southern Yukon
Katherine Biegel)
5. Deep Borehole Heat Exchangers –
An Unconventional Geothermal System to Offset Diesel Consumption in Remote Northern Regions
Mafalda M. Miranda)

Industry Panel Moderator: 

Name TBA, Affiliation TBA

Industry Panelists:

(in alphabetical order)

  1. David Percy, Borden Ladner Gervais Professor of Energy Law and Policy, University of Alberta

  2. Marc Colombina, VP Operations, Terrapin Geothermics

  3. Sarah Kassam, Business Opportunity Manager, Geothermal, Shell Canada Ltd.

  4. Name TBA, Affiliation TBA

Keynote Speakers: 

  1. Katie Huang, Alberta No. 1

  2. Anna Rogers, Eavor Technologies Inc.


About CGSD

CGSD2022 is the third installment of the Canadian Geothermal Students' Days and this year's theme is Inclusive Energy Futures. This geothermal conference, organized by students for students, began with CGSD2019 at Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS) in Québec City. CGSD2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19 and CGSD2021 was hosted virtually by the Univeristy of Manitoba in Winnipeg. We are very happy to announce a return to an in-person format this year. CGSD2022 will be hosted in-person at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. It will take place on Monday-Tuesday, August 22-23, 2022.

CGSD2022 will include student talks, keynote talks, an industry panel, networking, and more. Canadian Geothermal Students' Days is a welcoming event, inclusive of students with diverse backgrounds. Registration is free for students and travel grants will be available in amounts dependent on the number of attendees and the number of students requesting funds.

CGSD2022 brings together students, researchers, practitioners, and proponents of geothermal energy to advance geothermal energy knowledge and technologies in Canada. This event provides an interdisciplinary setting to discuss geothermal research in the fields of geology, geophysics, engineering, environmental sciences, environmental engineering, sociology, and policy.

Please contact the CGSD2022 Director, Cedar Hanneson, at cedar@ualberta.ca with any questions.


Important Dates & Deadlines

Abstract submission and inscription

Please use the template to write your abstract.

For inscription send us your word file

through the email:  cedar@ualberta.ca

Important Deadlines for submission of Documents

Abstract submission:  31 May 2022

Inscription fees

This event is free-of-charge for participants presenting their work


View the tentative schedule below:

Dates et délais importants

Soumission de résumé et inscription

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Pour vous inscrire, envoyez-nous votre fichier word

pour l'email:  cedar@ualberta.ca

Dates limites importantes pour la soumission des documents

Soumission des résumés:  31 mai 2022

Frais d'inscription

Cet événement est gratuit pour les participants présentant leur travail


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Student Travel Assistance Program

The Student Travel Assistance Program offers students an exciting opportunity to learn and network with their peers, and academic and industry professionals. This program is designed to assist students who wish to attend the 3rd Canadian Geothermal Students' Days and may not have the financial means to do so. Amounts will be dependent on the number of attendees and the number of students requesting funds. When you submit your abstract, please indicate if you would like to apply for a travel grant.

To be eligible for the travel assistance, candidates must:

1. Be a student at a Canadian educational institution, not including the University of Alberta

2. Submit an abstract to the conference

3. Indicate your intention when you submit your abstract to cedar@ualberta.ca.

Additional Assistance

One of our sponsors, the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG), offers travel assistance for student members. Student memberships are freely available for any students interested in geosciences (i.e. you don't have to be a geophysicist).

Information about CSEG student memberships can be found here:


Information about CSEG travel grants can be found here:



Keynote Speakers

Monday, August 22

Katie Huang Headshot.jpg

Katie is a G.I.T. based out of Calgary, Alberta. She holds a BSc. Geology Honours from the University of British Columbia and an MSc. Geology with a specialization in geothermal energy from the University of Iceland. She has been involved in the geothermal industry since 2016, starting as an operations intern for CanGEA then as a summer student for Borealis GeoPower during the drilling of a thermal gradient core well near Valemount, BC. After completing her MSc., she began working as a contractor for Terrapin Geothermics, assessing areas in Canada for geothermal potential and for Alberta No. 1 to support exploration and development of the project. Her research with Alberta No. 1 has mainly focused on thermal gradients and utilizing oil and gas data to assess temperature at depth. Katie is currently working as a junior drilling geologist for Rockhound Advisory to understand drilling operations and the oil and gas industry within the WCSB. She sits on the Geothermal Canada board as Director-At-Large and is passionate about educating Canadians on geothermal energy.





Katie Huang

Alberta No. 1

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Tuesday, August 23

Anna Rogers Headshot.jpg

Anna Rogers

Eavor Technologies Inc.

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Anna Rogers holds a Physics Major, Geology Minor B.Sc from Queen’s University and a Geophysics M.Sc from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Anna has worked in several locations across North America. Her experience includes microseismic monitoring on unconventional assets with ESG Solutions, and seismic interpretation in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico with Shell Oil Company in New Orleans, LA. Anna joined Eavor Technologies Inc. in 2021 as the Geomechanics Specialist based in Calgary, AB.

Closed-Loop Geothermal Energy: from Eavor-Lite to Eavor-Loop 2.0



Eavor Technologies Inc. is a closed-loop geothermal energy start-up founded in Calgary, Alberta, in 2017. Multilateral closed-loop systems are innovative geothermal solutions for power generation and district heating. The key technical differentiator is that it is a subsurface closed-loop radiator, or heat exchanger, that relies only on conductive heat transfer, rather than convection or fluid flow like in a traditional geothermal system. 
A full-scale prototype of the first-generation close-loop system was successfully built and tested at the “Eavor-Lite” facility in 2019, in sedimentary rock. Eavor-Lite is located near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. Now, Eavor is in the planning phase for the first deep closed loop geothermal system (Eavor Loop 2.0) in non-sedimentary hard rock. The evolution of the design from Eavor-Lite to the Eavor-Loop 2.0 will be shown. Successfully developing the Eavor-Loop 2.0 technology would be massively scalable and could enable local clean energy autonomy across the globe.


Additional Info



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Meet the Team

(alphabetical by first name)


Brandon Chase

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PhD Candidate
University of Alberta
Department of Physics


Cedar Hanneson

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PhD Candidate
University of Alberta
Department of Physics


Guido Garcia Rodriguez

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Graduate Student
University of Alberta
Department of Earth and
Atmospheric Sciences


Riley Morton

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MSc Student
University of Alberta
Department of Earth and
Atmospheric Sciences


Vivian Giang

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PhD Student
University of Alberta
Departments of Anthropology
and Engineering


Yuwei Duan

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Graduate Student
University of Alberta
Department of Urban
and Regional Planning




Zoe Vestrum

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PhD Student at
University of Alberta
Department of Physics


Dr. Nicholas Harris

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University of Alberta
Department of Earth and

Atmospheric Sciences